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For: Friday, May 27, 2016 

>>Floyd Gets Stamp Set 

(London, England)  --  Pink Floyd is being honored with a set of stamps in the UK.  The ten-stamp collection will be released by Royal Mail on July 7th and will feature artwork from six classic Floyd albums and four images from live performances.  Royal Mail says the stamps were developed "to celebrate one of the most successful and influential British rock bands of all time." 

>>Bon Jovi Finishes 14th Album 

(Undated)  --  Bon Jovi is done with their 14th album.  The band confirmed the news on Twitter yesterday and announced that the record is called, "This House Is Not For Sale." Jon Bon Jovi and the guys say that further details will be revealed in due course but initial reports indicate the project will be released this fall. 

>>Brian Johnson "Happy" Axl Took Over 

(Undated)  --  Brian Johnson is apparently happy that Axl Rose replaced him on AC/DC's tour.  In a recent interview, AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams said he talked to Johnson about the situation, revealing, "Brian cares about his hearing, that's why it came to this situation. He must take care of it. He must pay attention to his health. Brian is happy that Axl is there." 

>>Allman Set Will Come In Peach Crate 

(Undated)  --  Nine Allman Brothers Band albums are being remastered and released on vinyl.  The set will come in a wooden peach crate with original artwork and will be out in July.  The limited-edition set comes with a USB stick containing all of the albums, four posters, magnets, guitar picks, buttons, playing cards, a trucker hat and a turntable mat. 

>>Plant Cancels Appearance At Meltdown Festival 

(Undated)  --  Robert Plant is canceling his appearance at next month's Meltdown Festival in London.  Plant was scheduled to play as part of a benefit for the British Red Cross' refugee awareness campaign, but announced yesterday that he will instead have to appear in court for Led Zeppelin's copyright infringement trial over "Stairway To Heaven."  The case was originally scheduled for this month, but got moved to June 14th, leading to the conflict.