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Mike Marvin

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I was born May 31, 1953 in Pittsburg, California. My father was in the army and we traveled half the world before moving to Kentucky in 1966. I started in radio in 1974 at the University of Louisville radio station and I have been with W & B Broadcasting since September 1989. My hobbies are collecting oldies on CD, as well as reading material pertaining to oldies. I am also the author of Mr. Oldie Knows... an online web page dedicated to the artists that made the music we love what it is today! See it for yourself! It is updated monthly! Just click on Mr. Oldie Knows and read about all your favorite WAKY Oldies and their creators! Also... got a question? Think you can stump me... Mr. Oldie? If so, while you are at my page, submit your question or info and I'll get right back to you!! Thanks and have fun with us here at Fun Lov'in WAKY!

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